Standard Terms and Conditions

  1. The client explicitly renounces its own standard terms and conditions, irrespective of their creation after the standard terms and conditions of sale by RSP Enterprise Inc. To be legally binding, any deviation from these standard terms requires prior written agreement.
  2. Payments must be settled by the due date specified on the invoice. Late payment fees will be applied as follows: 2% for the first month overdue, 5% for the second month, and 10% for the third month and beyond. Charges accumulate for each additional month of overdue payment. RSP Enterprise Inc. will be authorized to suspend any provision of goods and services without warning in the event of late payment.
  3. If a payment is outstanding for more than two months after the due date, RSP Enterprise Inc. reserves the right to engage a debt collection agency. All expenses incurred including legal expenses will be paid by the client.
  4. Certain jurisdictions may enforce withholding at the source on invoice amounts in compliance with their internal regulations. Any such withholding obligation is the responsibility of the client and should be remitted by them to the respective tax authorities. RSP Enterprise Inc. unequivocally disclaims any involvement in costs stemming from a country's legislative requirements. Consequently, the invoiced amount owed to RSP Enterprise Inc. remains entirely unaffected by any deductions related to the legislation of the client's location.
  5. While RSP Enterprise Inc. endeavors to provide goods within the agreed-upon timeframes, none of its commitments can be construed as a guarantee of specific outcomes. RSP Enterprise Inc. cannot, under any circumstances, be compelled by the client to participate as a third party in any claims for damages initiated by an end consumer against the client. Each party is responsible for their respective obligations and liabilities arising from the provision of goods.
  6. To ensure admissibility, any claims must be formally communicated to RSP Enterprise Inc. through a letter dispatched via recorded delivery to its registered office within 8 days from the delivery of goods.
  7. All contractual relationships shall be exclusively governed by the laws of Canada.